Welcome to my little blog.

Let’s say I noticed a gap in this nebulous thing that people refer to as “the blogosphere”, and I intend to fill it. While there are women talking about being women in New Zealand, (and women talking about men, too) there are few men talking about women, or men talking about men.

I intend to do this with seriousness and with humour. I intend to do it with opinion and with fact. I intend to do it politically and socially. We’ll see if I follow up on all of those.

Finally, if you want to comment, I ask that you follow my rules. They’re actually rather simple:

  1. This is a private space, not a public space. As such, I define the rules. Please don’t try to confuse people who don’t know better by yelling about “freedom of speech” if I tell you you’re out of line.
  2. You are to act in good faith. This means that I will censor you if I think you’re trying to get around the rules. This means I will censor you if you attempt to disparage other posters. This means I will censor you if you call me names. Unless, of course, it makes you look as stupid as you really are for trying any of these things.
  3. This is a safe space. You’re to respect locals, foreigners, all identities, all genders, all races, all sexualities, etc… In fact, you should ignore everything about who you’re talking to, including their name.
  4. If it’s not related or funny or smart, I reserve the right to delete your post.
  5. I can change the rules if I feel like it, so don’t be a jerk.

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