The Standard is Naming and Shaming

Whale Oil got named & shamedEvery once in a while, those of us concerned with feminism (or just women in politics in general) have to stand up for what we believe in, and call attention to shameful comments about women. The guys over at The Standard have done some excellent naming and shaming, causing the offender, a long-time blogger, to completely pull the story from his site. The URL of the story tells us enough, I think.

Interestingly, David Farrar has his own story that linked to the blog in question, on a post related to the shameful comments. Farrar follows the excuse that a link to a site is neither approval or disapproval of all of its content- I think we can all understand that fine. I’d like to express my sincerest hope, however, that he will at least call out his fellow blogger on his unacceptable comments, to clear the air- I know I would in his shoes.

If you’d like to weigh in, here’s the original story.

Ah, so THAT’S what that traffic spike was.

Thanks to Idiot/Savant and everyone who came over from No Right Turn yesterday, I was pretty shocked when I looked at my blog traffic for the first time and saw it jump like that yesterday. I was expecting a while yet of being able to write to myself and sort out where I’m going here, but I guess I’ll have to keep up the steam now that people I don’t know are watching. Hopefully you enjoyed my rantings writings!

For my few, essentially private readers who were in on this thing before then, No Right Turn is full of excellent leftist commentary, with a concern for facts and justifications in its analysis. The name is merely witty, not indicative of extremely partisan/biased views 😉 You’ll notice it’s blogrolled (linked) on the righthand side under progressives.

Better a quitter or a loser?

The Dominion Post is catching up with news from America. Specifically, the controversy over Hillary’s comments to her aides that she’s not going to give in just because the big boys are applying pressure. Personally speaking, I have no issue with the comment- look what people are asking her daughter, for instance, and you’ll see the level the campaign has degraded to.

Of course, given the current political climate there, everyone immediately piled on to these comments and started accusing Hillary of playing the race card. Oops, sorry, I mean the gender card. Apparently soon we’ll be through the whole deck of ridiculous discriminatory terms for refusing to kowtow to “the man”. Continue reading