Get your Jesus on

Stuff has an interesting story about an Austrian church that displayed art featuring a homoerotic last supper.

You can smell the controversy already, right? Continue reading

Equal Rights means managing jealousy

In some areas, men are far behind women in realising the immediate effects of equal rights. One of these is in the recognition of the achievements of our partners.

Women have learned to recognise, practically from infancy, that there are men who will have their achievements recognised as superior to their own. Women, however unfairly, have been prepared well to play a supporting role. This prepares better them for the hardest part of equality- realising that when/if you commit to someone, you and your partner could work as hard and be just as skilled, yet one of you could receive more recognition than the other. The indoctrination of submission and support prepares them for this more than adequately. This brings up its own problems that I’ll get back to later. Continue reading