Australia catching up…

Australia is set to have its first female governor general. It’s great to see Australia catching up to the idea that women should hold high government offices, and Quentin Bryce looks like a woman I could definitely get behind for the job.

Not only a law graduate and one of the first female lawyers in Queensland, she is an officer of the Order of Australia, she also has a long history of work in women’s rights. She has also held the office of Governor of Queensland since 2003, the equivalent state-level position to Governor General in Queensland.


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  1. Why is it seen as “catching up”? Why is it seen as “great”? I would have thought that it should be the best person for the job that gets it, regardless of whether they are male or female, black or white, straight or gay….Funny how some people have selective discrimination. Oh, the hypocrisy!

    And by the way, it’s not fair on the person when they are lauded for getting the job because they are a woman. It should be about her credentials, experience and qualifications.

  2. Privilege, Seán. Women have often been left out of consideration for top jobs, and seeing them treated fairly and chosen because they are good candidates is excellent.

    I’m not lauding her because she’s a women. That’s only a reason to be pleased with Kevin Rudd for considering her. I’m lauding her because she has an excellent career behind her thus far.

    If you’re suggesting she’s skipped ahead of more qualified people, I suggest you have another look at all of the things she has done. It’s quite impressive.

  3. Privilege Ari? Is that your fall-back position? I would have thought you could have come up with something more substantial. It’s a perception that I am sure you would struggle to define let alone prove.

    From your post it does appear your are emphasising her appointment due to being a woman. If its not your intention, I suggest you alter your wording.

    In saying that I have no doubt the best person misses out on a job for all sorts of reasons, some of them sometimes sinister unfortunately. But if this is the case with previous appointments of the Australian G-G’s then let’s see the evidence.

    Your last paragraph is an insult which I won’t entertain with a response. Maybe you are just being provocative for the sake of it….

  4. You watch the laws change once she gets in. You won’t even know in advance they are coming. This is a world wide feminist movement. And I would put my money on her being a lesbian in hiding.

  5. Seán- apologies if I offended you, but you were using language that’s often a dog whistle for sexism or racism, and I thought I’d mention that she was well-qualified just in case anyone was in doubt. I’m happy that you think she’s qualified, too.

    Privilege is not my fall-back position. It’s been my position all along that this appointment is a nice first step to beating back some of the male privilege in Australia. I’m indeed emphasizing that she’s a woman and is being appointed- but only because she’s the first woman ever. I agree it doesn’t make her a better choice. But it does make the fact she was chosen despite, because, or regardless, worth mentioning. And if Kevin did choose her simply because she was a woman, he accidentally ended up with a very highly qualified appointee anyway, so I don’t see anything practical to complain about. 🙂

    I don’t think it’s a case of inferior men being picked over superior women- I think it’s a case of there being many eminently qualified Australians to pick for Governor General, and the women being systematically ignored for some time. 🙂

    Mareika- the governor general can’t change laws. She merely gets to rubber-stamp laws from Parliament, and declare the government. Also- if she was a lesbian, would it be so bad? They’re just another type of person.

    (if she was a lesbian, you would assume that by now she would have realised, what with gay rights entering the mainstream and a 44-year marriage and all. I can say with personal certainty that there are lesbians who’ve married, but I’ve not heard of anyone who came out after 44 years of marriage before)

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