Dompost: Magazines are faking fatter models

\"Fashion mags make models look fatter\"

So, the story isn’t on Stuff yet, but the Dom Post has a wonderful story in today’s paper about how criticism is causing the fashion industry to have to change its ways.

It’s using the same image manipulation techniques it uses to clean up its models’ minor imperfections to make them look like they’re a more healthy weight- that is, they’re photoshopping them to be fatter. This is deliciously ironic due to the fact that they’ve previously been accused of doing exactly the opposite.

Personally speaking, I think this is a wonderful reversal of direction, but it really is just a start. It’s not enough for fashion magazines to stop pushing unhealthy extremes on women, they need to actively encourage the idea that lots of different types of women can be attractive, instead of pushing for some notion of a mythical female norm of beauty. Until I can pick up a fashion magazine and be utterly uninterested in women that are tall, short, fat, thin, white, tan, brown, and with several other distinguishing factors, they’ll still be distorting women’s ideas of acceptable body images, and men’s ideas of attractiveness in women.


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