Win a Divorce?

Campbell Live did a story on an Australian magazine that offers a competition to “win a divorce”, including a Playstation and a cleaner. Said story isn’t on their site yet. (I’ll retroactively link it when it is)

I wonder if these guys spent as much time building their relationships as they did trying to avoid them, they might not need to win a divorce. While I certainly agree the best thing two incompatible people in a relationship can do is to get a divorce, I don’t think offering it in general is either funny or appropriate.


One Response

  1. Men who threaten to take away the kids are engaging in post separation violence. It is common for batterers to threaten to take children away from the battered woman by proving her to be an unfit mother. For this reason, some lawyers advise women not to tell courts or mediators about child abuse or domestic abuse because, by doing so, they risk losing custody to the alleged abuser!

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