Hey people- apologies for abruptly disappearing. My computer died suddenly about a week ago and is currently in the shop. Unfortunately I hadn’t elevated it enough and a lot of dirt and dust were getting into it, which has caused some damage to the motherboard. I’m waiting to hear back as to whether it’s worth salvaging or not.

As soon as I have my own computer back I’ll be belting out the posts again. Until then, you’ll have to make do with stray bouts of commenting. 🙂

To keep you all busy- what do you think of Miley Cyrus’ photo? I think it’s quite interesting that so many people are willing to come out batting against this type of exploitation of women’s sexuality at this age, but seem to think that being eighteen makes it worth turning our heads about.

I’d personally like to see more press about young, successful girls for being smart or active in their community, rather than just being pretty or being able to act/sing. Those three things are great, but they’re a very limited subsection of what girls and women are capable of. Besides, people will still try to use that kind of press to sexualise them anyway, so everyone is happy. 😉


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