Eating disorders are all in the mind.

Feministing had a wonderful piece about men’s body image concerns, particularly about John Prescott, the former deputy PM of Britain speaking out about his stress-induced bulimia. There was also mention of how 10% of eating disorders are suffered by men, aided by wonderful back-patting publications by buff lads like Men’s Health that help spread body dismorphia and turn stress into eating disorders by giving us davidean visions of manly musclitude to live up to/bow down in front of while they exhort us to lose weight. (admittedly, they do this by providing some advice about fitness and health, but they could probably do a lot better than they are)

The real spark here though is that Courtney points out that while eating disorders often involve perceptions of physical inadequacy, or simply insufficient care for oneself, the root cause is psychological, and even attaining a healthy weight doesn’t cure the disorder- hence why eatings disorders turn sinister and drive healthy girls to starve themselves. They’re not just doing it because they believe that thin is sexy- in fact, it can have nothing to do with moving towards a sexier ideal. Continue reading