Sexual Choices (and the introduction of tooltips)

Before I start this very late friday/saturday post, I’m quickly going to share two new features I’m going to add at least to all upcoming posts- I’m going to add tooltips every time I introduce a piece of jargon to that post, allowing you to better understand what I’m saying in my essay posts just by hovering your mouse over a piece of jargon, without you reading every previous post, or me cross-linking my own posts or linking wikipedia extraneously to explain jargon. This becomes more and more necessary as I move into cool advanced topics like sexual agency, homosexuality, polygamy, relationship assumptions, youth sexualisation, and all that cool stuff. I’m also adding a glossary to collect these terms in, with attribution where I can figure it out. Anyway, on with the show. (and yes, the necessity of these new features is partly why it’s so late)

Sexual liberation as a concept/philosophy, or the belief in sexual freedom, is based on the foundation that sex acts should be founded and evaluated on mutual and equal consent, and the right to sexual agency of the partners involved. Sexual liberation as a concept grew out of sexual liberation as an event1– that is, the widespread availability of effective birth control. Continue reading