Sidetrack: Get Firefox 3 this Wednesday

Download Day 2008
I don’t often sidetrack this blog, but I thought I’d give some brief exposure to the gem of open source. This wednesday, (Tuesday US time) Firefox is trying to set the inaugral Guiness World Record for most software downloaded on a single day with the release of the third version of its web browser.

Firefox is a faster, lighter, more efficient, more secure, better-featured, more standardised, highly customisable, and generally just awesome web browser, and it’s even relatively familiar for Internet Explorer users. It introduced a lot of the cool new features you see in IE7, such as the search field, tabbed browsing, and security alerts. Because it is designed by users for users, and anyone can examine the code, Firefox is really pushing forward internet browsing. If you haven’t had a look yet, Wednesday will be an excellent time to!

Here’s the link. You can also pledge in advance to download Firefox on wednesday with an email address, and they’ll send you a reminder.

Update: Their servers are a bit hammered now, so you can find the direct links here for:
Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Double update: They’re all working properly now and the most hilariously self-initiated DDoS attack yet is over. 😉