Sidetrack: Get Firefox 3 this Wednesday

Download Day 2008
I don’t often sidetrack this blog, but I thought I’d give some brief exposure to the gem of open source. This wednesday, (Tuesday US time) Firefox is trying to set the inaugral Guiness World Record for most software downloaded on a single day with the release of the third version of its web browser.

Firefox is a faster, lighter, more efficient, more secure, better-featured, more standardised, highly customisable, and generally just awesome web browser, and it’s even relatively familiar for Internet Explorer users. It introduced a lot of the cool new features you see in IE7, such as the search field, tabbed browsing, and security alerts. Because it is designed by users for users, and anyone can examine the code, Firefox is really pushing forward internet browsing. If you haven’t had a look yet, Wednesday will be an excellent time to!

Here’s the link. You can also pledge in advance to download Firefox on wednesday with an email address, and they’ll send you a reminder.

Update: Their servers are a bit hammered now, so you can find the direct links here for:
Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Double update: They’re all working properly now and the most hilariously self-initiated DDoS attack yet is over. 😉


6 Responses

  1. Ooh, it looks so good!

    So many improvements over FF2 (which is what IE only just managed to catch up to!)

  2. I’m an opensource evangelising firefox whore from way back, so much so that I like to live on the bleeding edge using nightly builds here:

    But in the spirit of Guinness World records breaking, I’m just downloading their regular version. Thanks for the reminder Ari cos I nearly forgot about this.

    Well what I actually forgot is that it is Wednesday! LOL That’s the curse of working from home – half the time I dunno WTF day of the week it is DOH 😀

  3. Ooh, my last reply went pooooooooooffff! Is this a moderated blog? Please can I be added to approved posters group? Promise I won’t be a troll (except to promote opensource softwares hehehe!)

  4. Zana- I only moderate people’s first posts. After that, you’re free to go, with the understanding that I will be editing and/or banning as necessary to make sure this is a safe space, particularly for women. I need to write an explicit commenting policy some time. 🙂

    You just got caught in the spam filter because of your link- I fished your post out though. 🙂

    Nice to see you around again. 🙂

    edit: They just passed three million downloads and it’s not even been half a day yet. 😀

  5. Yeh, I thought that was your policy Ari. Spam filters are such funny critters when it comes to url’s, but usually will only ID them as spam if there’s multiple links. Maybe there is a spam setting for this in your blog cpanel?

    Alrightee then so now that mystery is all sorted, I’m noticing my US friends are starting to awaken and log onto MSN now, so I’m off to spam them with this download challenge too.

    May the source be with you!
    Z (uber geeky gal)

    PS: One day when you need a break from serious activist type posts you could run a geeky thread for us to rant about all our fave ffox extensions (nudge-nudge wink-wink) 😀

  6. Geeky open threads? I like. 😀 I certainly know there’s at least two other geeky types reading, so maybe I will do that now and then. Maybe I’ll put them up on weekends.

    My spam filter is SUPPOSED to wait for three links before putting someone with an approved post in, so I don’t know what’s going on there. I’ve checked and it’s definitely set that way. Maybe something in your phrasing tripped Akismet’s sensor wire? Anyway, I don’t mind fishing out posts if it happens again, just leave me another comment.

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