Geeky open thread.

Laddies and gentlewomen, show me your… browser… extensions.

Yeah, that sounded dirty. Ewww. I’m going to go wash my hands while I wait for replies. 😛

10 Responses

  1. Woohoooo!!!! Quite in contrast to my aversion to dieting super-slim female bodies, when it comes to my web browsers I like ’em looking emaciated, thus the first xtns I load on a fresh FFox install are:

    Compact Classic Theme (with extra options xtn that shunts the nav buttons into a single button, like Tiny Menu). Next I install NewsFox, All-In-One Sidebar, Toolbar Buttons, DOM Inspector and Stylish (lazy gals chrome editor) for which I have coded a few custom CSS scripts to squish everything down even further than Compact Classic makes possible.

    With this combo I can dump a few toolbars and shuffle my regularly used buttons onto the AIOS (super-slim) sidebar and statusbar. Also with Stylish I have written custom scripts to minimalise my tab bar, disappear some fugly things like throbber (yeah, that sounded dirty too hahaha!) and reorder stuff in my status bar.

    So that takes care of browser canvas (I hate the FF3 default style, so many of my tweaks are to re-FF2-ise the look) and gives me maximum amount of screen real estate to to all my other geeky things like web development and obsessive newsfeeds monitoring LOL

    I have friends who I compete with to see who can get the most minimalist FFox GUI possible, and we regularly send each other our screencaps – which helps explain better. Does your comments section support images Ari?

    FWIW, I have never been bothered with skinning apps – I just want stuff to be clean and bloat-free and zippy – so all this is not about how pretty FFox looks, it’s about creating max space for my real tools.

    I’ll pop back later with a list of my tech-toy extns cos I wanna code hyperlinks for them all for them what are interested.

    Cheers m’dears!

  2. I have no idea whether images are supported. You could try. 🙂

  3. Just the essentials really; Fasterfox, Sage, AdBlockPlus. I had quite a few on FF2 that I never used, so I’m going to consider carefully what I add on.

  4. I still have to find the equivalent of CuteIcons. It was amazing how much it sped up using right-click menus. (not that I use them that often…)

    Since FF2 I haven’t actually extended my browser that much. I’m currently running:

    Gmail Notifier
    Smart Bookmarks Bar
    and of course, Firebug 🙂

  5. Duh, I gave up on the screencap idea for now, but here’s my current Firefox 3 extensions list:

    0. Firefox Version
    3.0.1pre Nightly Builds

    1. Maximise Browsing Pane
    All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.5 (perfect companion to Classic Compact Theme for tightly packing aside your buttons)
    Classic Compact Options 1.1.2 (extra tweaks for classic compact theme)
    Classic Compact Theme 3.0.8 (the mini-est FF3 theme which maximises my browsing pane)
    Searchbar Autosizer 1.3.8 (yeh I know I could chrome tweak this, but this way is more intuitive)
    Stylish 0.5.7 (lazy geek-gals chrome editor LOL)
    Toolbar Buttons (a bit bloated, but saves having to install heaps of xtns just cos you need one particular button)

    2. Security and Annoyances
    Adblock Plus (caution: don’t use filterset-G with this because of huge memory leak ussie)
    CookieSafe Lite 1.3.9 (very good on-the-fly cookie control with this too)
    Live IP Address 1.82 (cos I’m a network control freak)
    NoScript (my fave browser firewall – all sites disabled by default then manually add allow rukes)
    PDF Download (stop your browser being hijacked by hideous PDF plugins)
    Session Manager (I couldn’t live without this, and it’s option to restore closed tabs)
    ShowIP 0.8.08r14b0251 (also cos I’m a network control freak)
    Resizeable Textarea 0.1d (not as good as Resizeable Form Fields, but no blogger should be without this!!!)

    3. Web Development Toys
    AutoCopy 0.8 (extends function of Copy Plain Text)
    Copy Plain Text 0.3.3 (copy text from browser without inheriting code tags)
    Digger 3.0 (very handy for quick nav of site hierarchy and cached page version)
    DOM Inspector 2.0.0 (cos it’s no longer included by feault in FF3)
    Firebug 1.2.0b3 (no web developer should be without this)
    Nightly Tester Tools 2.0.2 (also handy for bumping extns not updated by author yet)
    Web Developer 1.1.6 (no web developer should be without this either)

    4. Blogging and Research
    DictionarySearch 3.0.0 (must-have extension when composing blog comments hehe)
    DownloadHelper 3.0.4 (until I can find something that does the job better)
    FlashGot (don’t really use this much, but handy when needed)
    Image Zoom 0.3.1 (very handy when needed also)
    Linkification 1.3.4.beta (don’t use this much anymore, might dump it on next browser build)
    NewsFox 1.0.1 (started using this while waiting for Sage to be FF3-ready and now I actually prefer it to Sage!)
    RCSearch 0.0.1b (until I can find a better multi-search tool)
    Rewind/Fastforward Buttons 2.1.2008062002 (temporary till NoUn Buttons xtn is more stable)

    5. Watching Development Of
    NoUn Buttons (cos I hate the FF3 unified back/fwd button)

    PS: I know all these links will freak out your spam detector Ari, so I’ll leave ya to manually approve when you have a moment hehe 😉

  6. Hiya Ari, you’ll have to manually approve my previous reply cos it’s got truckloads of links in it.

    George, I have banned Fasterfox from all the web sites I admin cos the prefetching feature on the thing can as much as triple the load on a server (plus it can be pretty abusive to your internet bill if you are being metered by the Mb) and many of the web dev peeps I know are starting to do the same. Just a wee heads up there in case you find yourself unable to access certain web sites.

    Cheeries m’dearies,

  7. Since loading FF3 I’ve had it crash many times, on both my pathetic home computer, and my grunty work computer. I’m going to try and work out why…

    Thanks for the advice Zana. I’m not one to gobble the megabytes in any case, whether they be mine or anyone elses, so Fasterfox is going.

  8. Hiya G, I noticed the latest builds of FF3 are gobbling the sodding heck outa my RAM and occasionally the program freezes. Might be a buggy extension, but I’ve been running the same collection for several months now.

    FF3 pre builds were hovering pretty steadily around 65Mb RAM for me and I have the very distinct impression this resource hogging thing began happening about 3 days before FF3 final, so it may be a bug artifact that slipped under the full-final bar cos they had to release the final on the day regardless, after announcing the challenge.

    I’m gonna test that theory tomorrow by tracking back thru last weeks FF3 nightly builds archives and see if things stabilise. Mind you… compared to my old FF2 builds, which would steadily creep up to 250Mb+ RAM usage over the space of a few hours, things could always be worse hehe.

    FWIW, I am still running (and installing) Firefox 1.5 on my older PC’s and old PC’s of friends. Average RAM usage 24Mb (((sigh))) oh those were the days. Maybe you could try this older portable version on your older home PC George?

    May the source be with you,

  9. I have only two on both FF2 and 3 on various machines.

    Firebug for debugging, and YSlow which allows me to look at speed issues using firebug. But I’m a boring developer.

    Oh and the aussie dictionary.

  10. Lynn! 🙂 Welcome! Hopefully you found something to read that you liked.

    I have to admit, I dislike having dozens of extensions too. Tried it in a program once… got tired of it when loading it started to take three minutes. 🙂

    Yslow sounds pretty cool, especially for someone who actually codes webapps, rather than just doing cosmetic web design. I’m not sure I’d really use it enough though.

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