Weekenders 3

What’s in the link bag this weekend?

  • The Public Service Association has started advertising to promote a strong public service as something voters should be interested in when they go to the polls. Take a look– they’ve got excellent statistics, studies, and good interviews with all the major Parties. (except Act, which is not exactly shocking given as they’re right-libertarian and don’t care much for government services) The site also does a great job of being politically neutral while still making a point.
  • Anna McM over at The Hand Mirror has a great post in which she details how she dealt proactively with a little girl who was bullying her daughter. It took hard work from both Anna and the school, but rather than offload the bullying behaviour onto someone else, they attacked it at its causes and helped out a lonely and struggling young girl. Awesome!
  • The Standard points out that Labour has just slashed more waste than National has even identified thus far.
  • I/S over at No Right Turn has two great posts: John Key actually did have a conflict of interest, and potentially more importantly, New South Wales is attacking free speech by potentially making it a criminal offense to protest in favour of things our favourite socially regressive church opposes, such as contraception, abortion, homosexuality, or atheism. Yet another example of Australia going to idiotic lengths to be “proactive” about protests, especially given that this one goes as far as forcing protestors to get their messages pre-approved- whether on sign, t-shirt, banner, or whatever. I/S misses a real gem though: You’re likely to get fined five times as much for doing this than for public nudity.
  • Speaking of rape perpetrated by women: The awesometastic Jeff Fecke over at Shakesville has a piece about how the media and courts treat boys who are victims of statutory rape just as badly.
  • In a story that deserves to be filed in “would be funny if it weren’t so stupid”, the tireless Melissa McEwan, also of Shakesville, points out that people spend their tax cuts on the darndest things. Anyone want to take bets on how much National’s tax cuts will stimulate1 the porn industry?
  • Oh, and I almost missed the opportunity to add in that I love getting Sarah Haskins as well as feminist blogging when I check certain sites. Thanks, Jessica! Obviously these commercials were filmed in Wellington.

1Yeah, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


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