You look hilarious

My new passtime: Laughing at guys who queue uncomfortably outside lingerie shops while their friends/partner/relatives are inside. 😉 If it bothers you so much, at least arrange to meet her/them somewhere else. Consider my L officially OL-ed.

2 Responses

  1. Such is the nature of guys. Only just last Sunday did I try to explain to my partner that her venture into a woman’s clothes store led to ultimate boredom for me. When this happens all I am looking for is a seat or step-ladder to sit down on and absorb the time. WTF is it with women and shopping/browsing? I’ll never know! As for a lingerie shop though, that could spice things up if she we are looking for something different!

  2. Men are plenty interested in shopping and browsing too, you just have to find something that involves one of our hobbies. Because women are socialised to value fashion more than men, clothes shopping is often more interesting to them. *shrug*

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