Abor- wait, I can’t say that anymore?

Feministing has an article about google dropping ads for abortion services in some countries. While I’ve said many times I’d like to see less abortions, somehow I think this is more of an attempt to silence discussion of reproductive rights for women. Given some of the other ethically controversial stuff served by AdWords, I can’t really see them justifying this move. Google’s being mum about why it’s done this, so let the speculations begin. =/

2 Responses

  1. Oh dear, did you read the link your referred to? To feministing.com’s credit, they displayed the correspondence in full. The reason of course, is that the policy is to be ” fair, up to date and consistent with local customs and practices”. What is wrong with that? Not every society has abortion-on-demand like ours. I think that is a good thing. Maybe you don’t.

    Moving on, is it possible to be supportive of women’s rights, including that of the unborn woman? Or does one have to choose death for the unborn female in order to support furthering (live) women’s rights? A sad state of affairs I feel.

  2. The correspondence wasn’t posted yet when I linked this. 😉

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