The conservative media: Reactionaries

Part 2 in an ongoing series. This series examines trends that lead the New Zealand media, often conceived of as a liberal institution, towards a more conservative take on some of their stories. Last time I talked about how the media sometimes resorts to “telling stories” because a comprehensive article often is too time-, space- […]

The conservative media: Telling Stories

This is going to be part one of an ongoing series about trends which lead our media in New Zealand (yes, I’m not just talking about newscorp and “Fox News” 😉 ) towards a more conservative take on events than strictly unbiased reporting1 would demand. Media bias is a funny thing to talk about: Ask […]

Strawmanning my religion

So, I’m watching Glee (2×03) through the internets today and this week’s episode had some great songs, especially the Beatles number, but almost every moment that wasn’t music sucked. I felt like the whole episode was designed to strawman my religion- because of course, this week’s episode was about theism and prayer. And yes, it […]

Disempowering the victim

Rosemary McLeod has a largely wonderful article about chequebook justice. It’s nice to see her say within this article that she is willing to accept that a woman would not want to go up against international rugby players during a rape trial, and is the closest thing I’ve seen to reason on this whole debate […]

On “innocence”

There’s a very interesting view in New Zealand that seems to permeate through certain sections of the population. Namely, it’s the view that children are born innocent and that society corrupts them as they go along. The view that we should all aspire to be like children. While I agree that there is much to […]

Emergency contraception: Free in Auckland

TV3 did a small piece tonight in its main news confirming that the Auckland DHB has followed the Waikato in approving a plan to make the morning-after pill available for free from pharmacies. (They get bonus points for cleverly putting “uh oh” on the pills in their image) This is great news for women, as […]