About Me

Ari is a Pakeha New Zealander from Wellington and is in his mid-twenties. He lived in England when he was younger, and is a citizen of both countries. Ari is an online nickname.

He studied Philosophy at Victoria university briefly, but decided to leave his degree uncompleted for now. He’s currently trolling the labour markets and is hidden away in an underground pro-feminist cell, out of the reach of both the mythical radical lesbian feminazis and the somewhat-less-unreal forces of the menacing Patriarchy.

He has plans to prove that feminism can have a sense of humour, and that men can still worry about their own problems while advocating women’s rights. Now and then he is also known to be dragged into discussions of race or queer or gender-queer issues, which he also summarises as “fucking important”.

Ari is a total geek, a fan of humourous graphs and charts, an online gamer that attempts to disperse the white male culture surrounding gaming, a science fiction fan, a “near future” fiction fan, and totally nerd-positive.

Other causes and fields Ari is involved or interested in: Decentralisation, Green politics, Left Libertarian, Socialist and Communist political science, colonial Republicanism, freedom of speech, human rights, LGBTQ issues, fat acceptance/body image, sex-positivism, linguistics, grammar, internet culture, transnationalism, antiglobalism, anticonsumerism, communitarianism, antipopulism, and skepticism.

Still Truckin’ is an ironically named blog, designed to flush off any initial bad reaction from the discovery that it’s actually a dude talking about guys and the feminisms. Other hot upcoming topics include body image, atypical gender, dudes as full-time fathers, and whatever the hell that thing is that Ari liberated from the washing machine this morning. Stay tuned. Or Internetted. Or Blogosphered. Haha, blogosphere- “Hey MA! The weather is fine up here in the blogosphere!”

He also occasionally has a short attention span.

Ari is a member of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, but has made a commitment to focus this blog on the theme of “the political and personal”, rather than matters of party politics.

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