Abor- wait, I can’t say that anymore?

Feministing has an article about google dropping ads for abortion services in some countries. While I’ve said many times I’d like to see less abortions, somehow I think this is more of an attempt to silence discussion of reproductive rights for women. Given some of the other ethically controversial stuff served by AdWords, I can’t really see them justifying this move. Google’s being mum about why it’s done this, so let the speculations begin. =/

Catching up the blagosphere

Just catching up a bit this monday, but there is a very good quickie from I/S over at NRT on how staying together for the kids can be worse than divorce.


Apparently whatever I’ve got is somehow recurring. Instead of trying to think cogently tonight I’m just going to post some links to some totally cool feminist reading for today:

Plugging into feminists dicussing men

Samhita over at Feministing continues to be awesome, plugging an interesting video by Jay Smooth on the subject of homosexuality and hip-hop.

My favourite bit was the conclusion:

Because when we find ourselves believing that killing a man makes us more of a man, but loving a man makes us less of a man, it’s probably time to re-examine our criteria for manhood.

I totally suggest you check out Jay’s site, as it has a few more gender politics gems in it. Yes, I did just link to something twice in one post about link-whoring. Seeing a hiphop fan talking about manhood myths is that cool.

Weekenders 2: Thank you, Reuters.

Why Hollywood still needs more heroes

Randall Monroe over at XKCD has a wonderful blag post illustrating yet another example of male privilege.

Here’s the quick rundown:

There were about 110 movies with a male lead and 5 with a female lead. Of the second-billed females, nearly all are written as love interests of the first-billed man. There were over sixty movies in the sample with two male stars top-billed. The only movies with two top-billed female roles, on the other hand, were The Devil Wears Prada and Scary Movie 4.

So even when we have all these seemingly strong women in Hollywood movies, they’re almost always alone, or their boyfriend is their only backup. Apparently even feminists are dependent on men. Yet we don’t even realise they’re being protrayed this way because privilege and backlash just lead us to focus on the whole “yet another female lead” part of the movie.

And it’s true- the only significantly honest Hollywood movie with empowered women was The Devil Wears Prada.

Weekenders 1

As I don’t plan to do detailed posts on the weekends, here’s some links to posts I’ve recently enjoyed to tide you over:

That should tide you over without revealing my plans for monday. 🙂