Just a note: While I’m getting back into things again now, you’ll be having a scheduled two-week break while I depart to visit my sisters and nephew down in Christchurch. This is so those special truckers among you who are fans or who link over to me now and then can relax their bookmarks for a few days. Cheers. 🙂


So, just so you all know, some kind Green Party organiser has gone ahead and added me to G.Blog at my request. I’m probably going to concentrate on contributing to G.Blog ahead of Still Truckin’ as election season comes up. Part of that is that I feel that the Greens are one of the best ways to get more and better women in Parliament. That doesn’t mean I won’t post here, but it does mean that like recently- it will be sporadic rather than semi-regular.

It’ll probably also help to have somewhere else to write publicly about something slightly different for a while, too, as I’ve been feeling a little burnt out recently. 🙂


Apologies for being absent for a while- my new computer has problems of its own, but sadly I have as of yet been unable to entirely fix them. Nothing that interferes with blogging, but as it’s supposed to be a gaming computer, that’s not exactly entirely comforting for me.

In addition to this, I’ve been up to a lot of things in real life that have sucked away at time- hence why I’ve been commenting but not writing for the last few days. Partly as well, it’s because I’ve been contemplating a semi-hiatus on this blog as the election looms in order to do some political writing. Whatever happens, I’ll probably still be around in some capacity for the months to come- I’ve just revised my own writing goals downwards a bit, and won’t be posting five times a week any more. 😉

edit: Incidentally, I had a letter to the editor published in today’s Dompost. See if you can figure out which one it is.

Ah, so THAT’S what that traffic spike was.

Thanks to Idiot/Savant and everyone who came over from No Right Turn yesterday, I was pretty shocked when I looked at my blog traffic for the first time and saw it jump like that yesterday. I was expecting a while yet of being able to write to myself and sort out where I’m going here, but I guess I’ll have to keep up the steam now that people I don’t know are watching. Hopefully you enjoyed my rantings writings!

For my few, essentially private readers who were in on this thing before then, No Right Turn is full of excellent leftist commentary, with a concern for facts and justifications in its analysis. The name is merely witty, not indicative of extremely partisan/biased views 😉 You’ll notice it’s blogrolled (linked) on the righthand side under progressives.


Welcome to my little blog.

Let’s say I noticed a gap in this nebulous thing that people refer to as “the blogosphere”, and I intend to fill it. While there are women talking about being women in New Zealand, (and women talking about men, too) there are few men talking about women, or men talking about men.

I intend to do this with seriousness and with humour. I intend to do it with opinion and with fact. I intend to do it politically and socially. We’ll see if I follow up on all of those.

Finally, if you want to comment, I ask that you follow my rules. They’re actually rather simple:

  1. This is a private space, not a public space. As such, I define the rules. Please don’t try to confuse people who don’t know better by yelling about “freedom of speech” if I tell you you’re out of line.
  2. You are to act in good faith. This means that I will censor you if I think you’re trying to get around the rules. This means I will censor you if you attempt to disparage other posters. This means I will censor you if you call me names. Unless, of course, it makes you look as stupid as you really are for trying any of these things.
  3. This is a safe space. You’re to respect locals, foreigners, all identities, all genders, all races, all sexualities, etc… In fact, you should ignore everything about who you’re talking to, including their name.
  4. If it’s not related or funny or smart, I reserve the right to delete your post.
  5. I can change the rules if I feel like it, so don’t be a jerk.