A note to aspiring journalists

Sex Scandal: A controversy around sex that is consensual or at least contractual- such as a politician having an affair or seeing a prostitute.

Sex Charges: Either some hitherto unknown form of electricity, or what happens when bondage goes very, very wrong.

Sexual Assault: When that slightly suspicious lady who cloned her dog is found to have raped a man, (whether Mormon or not) where foreign objects are inserted into body cavities without consent, or any case of rape allegations.

Sexual Abuse: When said rape involves elements of power abuse, (like say, affairs with the boss gone wrong…) pedophilia, etc…

Please get them straight before we have already distressing stories complicated by your often rape-apologist choice of words.

I’ll spare “alleged” if it’s a matter that’s to go to court or if said person is protesting their innocence despite a lack of criminal charges being pressed, but that should be 101-level stuff anyway.