Police ignore sexual misconduct

Idiot/Savant over at No Right Turn has an excellent piece on the fact that police have ignored the recommendation that they include guidelines on power abuse and other sexual misconduct in their Police Code.

Shame on the police- writing something like this into their code is an extraordinarily easy commitment to meet, and could have wide effects on the police culture. The police spokesperson contended that sexual misconduct ought to be covered by their general guidelines on respect for people and property, (which one covers women, do you think? 😉 ) but they seem to be missing the point that explicit mention of sexual misconduct and the steps taken to avoid it when entering a potentially imbalanced relationship are very necessary to remind officers of their responsibility.

People do not connect general statements about principles like respect and proper conduct as relating to specific examples- it’s just a sad reality of the way people think. Try telling a five-year-old that they’re not to open a door, and you’ll start seeing them try to get their siblings to open it for them 😉